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What we do

We have extensive industry knowledge, international work experience, and access to capital.
EUbusiness is the partner to further boost your successful business.
We are a member of the European Transparency Register and are licensed to perform EU lobbying activities.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Performance Improvement
  • Restructuring
  • Operational Transformation


  • Capital Fundraising
  • Valuation
  • M&A Integration
  • Due Diligence

Legal & Regulatory

  • International Arbitration
  • Regulatory Disputes
  • Litigation Intelligence
  • Access to Global Markets


  • Energy Policy & Regulation
  • Resource Planning & Management
  • Energy Procurement & Trading
  • Green Energy


  • Investments to European Union
  • Projects of European significance
  • Lobbying among EU institutions
  • Environmental protection


  • Clinical Outcomes, Efficiency & Value
  • Payor Strategy
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Products
  • Biomedical Engineering

Who we are

Our superior academic background and professional excellence make it possible to resolve all of your challenges.

We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and ethics among all our colleagues, partners, and clients.

Harvard Management

Investment funds, valuations and bankability, start-ups and buy-outs, corporate strategies under environmentally and socially responsible governance.

Harvard Finance

PhD in Political Science/Political Economy, MPA and M.A. in Economics from Harvard University. Experience in impact investing, data analysis, IT business development, project management.

Harvard Law

Comprehensive expertise in regulated industries, arrangement of public resources and infrastructural projects as well as judicial protection of individuals and common interests.

Stanford Energy

Expertise in electric utilities and energy markets. Master of Science in Engineering-Economic Systems & Operations Research from Stanford University.

Harvard Health

Doctor of medicine with a Master of Public Policy from Harvard University. Advising on value-based health care and assessment of biomedical technologies.

Commercial Law

Chairman of major companies. Leading academician and expert in trade, competition and regulation.

EUbusiness aspire:

Our approach

We are here to serve our clients

We are here to build a long and successful relationship with you, and we know that can only be achieved if we fully understand what you need and deliver it every time. We don't live on past glory.

We do our work with integrity

We deliver solutions as promised and deal with you directly and openly. We make sure we resolve all issues before the end of each engagement.

We produce only the best quality work

We are creative and innovative but also experienced to quickly deliver tried and tested solutions. We aim to produce work that wows you.

We are one team

We are a one stop shop and approach all assignments in an integrated fashion. This guarantees the delivery of full rather than piecemeal solutions to you.


Where we have advised around the world


The world is our hub

Questions on how to do business in the EU? We are your gateway to Brussels and the European Commission.

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